Friday, December 7, 2007


I started this blog and accompanying website, because I realized tons of USC students spend their four years at school without discovering Los Angeles. This city was made for a car, but that shouldn't prevent people from taking a bus.

Through my website, I hope to get more students on the buses and out in Los Angeles. On a grander scale, I hope more kids will get on the bus and that will make the MTA work faster to make the transportation system better.

Through this blog, I want to give a real picture of what riding the Metro is like. It's certainly not as bad as people play it up to be, but it's certainly not perfect. I want to detail the trips I take on the bus and what lessons and tips I learned.

Check back in January for more updates!

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jodi french paper arts said...

My husband rode the Metrolink for years in LA. It was in it's infancy. I remember his wallet popped out of his pocket on the metro, he came home and was collecting all the phone numbers to cancell all the cards. The phone rang, it was the conductor, He said a customer brought the wallet to him. He rode from Burbank to Santa Ana. All over the place! It was so cool.